Star Wars and Lace


Ok, so I know I look like I'm off to a Star Wars convention or something, but I'm actually learning how to polish metal. Polishing is messy - you use a polishing machine- a bit like a tiny hand held buffer, with different types of brushes for different finishes. Due to the speed and the polishing paste, you need to be very careful as stuff flies up into your face. Susie and I could not find the safety goggles so a pair of sunglasses had to suffice. Cool look though.

I'm working on a couple of different things at the moment, but I had a great result with this technique I used for the first time. By sandwiching a strip of silver and a strip of lace between two flat brass plates and passing it through a mill, the lace pattern was imprinted onto the silver. I'm going to turn this into a ring. Not so clumsy this time!

Jewellery class starts off with a catch up and Show & Tell. Susie or I always have something to share. And about halfway through the lesson, it's break time and Susie always has something special. This time we had biologisch German cake. It was heel lekker.

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