My father, my uncles Jos and Peter and my aunt Christine were all born in the Netherlands before their parents emigrated to New Zealand. Most of them (and the other 6 children) have made a pilgrimage back to Holland at some point. And slowly, the next generation are as well. 

 Jos's daughter Heidi has been travelling through Europe over the past month or so and has finally made her way to Amsterdam. It's been a really fun week showing her little parts of our life here and sharing some Dutch delicacies like nieuwe haring, stroopwafels and Febo. 

We made our own little pilgrimage down to Venray to visit our grandmother's sister Mien on Saturday. Mien will be 89 this year. It was lovely to share a meal with her and listen to her stories. With some help however,  her daughter José translated patiently for us. Some things didn't need translating though. Mien's laugh is just like Oma's. 

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