I was so organised for class. I'd bought gold and silver and pearls and even a ruby. Got to class and everything was missing. Ran home and frantically searched. Nothing. Went past a shop I'd dropped into on the way to class- nothing had been handed in. Went back to Susie completely distraught. Then remembered I'd put it all in a box. Which was sitting on the kitchen table. Adventures of a forgetful, somewhat clumsy jeweller. 

These drawings and pieces are by Susanne Booger, who I've been studying under. I've mentioned her a few times here and here already but I hadn't actually shared any of her beautiful work.

Susie laughed (kindly) at me for being a complete mess and sympathised. She too forgets stuff and drops precious bit and pieces. But the minute she picks up a file or a hammer you can see the skill and knowledge immediately. The way she holds a tiny piece of silver and can shape the metal into what she has previously envisioned is kind of incredible. The more I learn from her the more I understand how much more I need to learn!

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  1. oh sonya, you lucky thing! I love susanne's work, love it. I wanted to put her in the book but because she doesn't have a retail space or easily accessible studio I couldn't put it in. Instead I thought I'd showcase her gorgeous work on the blog sometime during this year.