Mariko and Marty

I got back from London late last night, after spending 5 days with Mariko and Marty. They have just moved there from Melbourne, where I met them and then left them over 2 years ago. Nothing had changed however, they are still super rad.

Mariko is notoriously bad with directions. So bad in fact that when we left the house (we were heading to a local market) she only got as far as the first corner before the map came out! But she got us there, via the sweetest cafe I've been too in a long while. 

London is crazy busy, noisy and exciting. I love it mostly and hate it a little. Sometimes on the tube, where you can see the dark dirty underbelly, it feels like a beast than could swallow you whole. It's just so big. It makes me realise how small and pretty Amsterdam is. And how easy it is to live here, even though my Dutch seems to be getting worse.

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