Making and believing

Extra Curricular Issue 2 is out! Ok- so it's been out for a month in NZ but I just got a belated birthday package from Ellie, the creator/editor of EC. Also tucked into the package was a cute brooch and some postcards from some of the crafters mentioned in this issue. Super cute!

This issue features a great interview with my brother Daniel about his jewellery which I think is hilarious. Here's a short excerpt.
 "When I was 5 years old I stole my grandmother’s engagement ring from my mother’s jewellery box and took it to school. I told the kids it gave me super powers and they had to obey my orders. I guess from a young age I was drawn to the aesthetics of small and precious, and that ring seemed to have a secret power and authority which captured my imagination."

I love this because it totally sums up Daniel- breaking the rules, tall stories and crazy imagination! I took the photos for this when he was here back in March in Susie's studio. 

There's also an article I wrote on Claire Terry, a jeweller, musician and shop owner from Wellington, NZ. I've known Claire for nearly 10 years which made this article (my first) really fun to write. Emma took some really cute polaroids to go with the story.

It's so great to be involved in a project back home. Thanks Ellie! 

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