Let's not leave the house all weekend

One thing that I love to do every now and then is just stay in all weekend and sew. It's super geeky, the house ends up covered in pins and bits of thread, nothing else gets done, the phone goes unanswered and Toby gets roped into fitting sessions. Also, it's only fun when the project that you just spent all weekend on actually works. I have wasted too many weekends on miserable failures and it's just too frustrating.
But this top was a success. Partly due to the fact that I used the Sencha pattern from Colette Patterns, which I think is an excellent range and partly because I took the time to get the fit right, even if it meant unpicking. Having pretty fabric helps too. I've used the Macaron dress pattern from Colette Patterns before and it worked out really well too.
The adjustments I made were: I cut a deeper neckline, added an inch to the length and took in the shoulder seams about 1 cm. I also sewed up the back instead of adding buttons.


  1. I adore this fabric!

  2. I like your alterations....love the scoop neck and the idea of no buttons.... not to mention your beautiful fabric!!! great job....and I also love to spend my weekends sewing LOL nothing else gets done!!!