Gember, kaneel en nootmuskaat

I had the urge to bake last night which doesn't come around so often. Pear and ginger muffins- a recipe from a great cookbook I picked up in London recently. They turned out beautifully.
One minor frustration when cooking in the Netherlands is having to translate the ingredients. Normally things are obvious enough and you can figure it out... but every now and then something completely throws me. In things case it was trying to find nutmeg at the supermarket. Otherwise known as nootmuskaat. And for some reason the Dutch don't use baking soda?


  1. finding making ingredients is super hard here - I don;t get it - they love bread etc - but leave all that stuff to the bakeries. It's weird - it's like they don't have a home baking culture.

    Ask kate she has all the tips...

  2. Yum, my favourite. They make delicious pear and ginger 'puddings' at the Rocket - I invented my own recipe but not as good as theirs. Will have to try yours.