Sprucing Bruce

I own one fourth of this beautiful boat who's name is Bruce. She's a great boat but we'd left her tied up to the side of Herengracht all winter and she was looking a little weather beaten. So Kurt, Rebecca, Toby and I got together to sand and re-varnish her woodwork. Kurt is going to repaint the bow as well. We thought about renaming her, as it's traditional to give a boat a feminine name, but then it's bad luck to rename a boat. I'm thinking we stick with Bruce, but maybe she's a Mrs B?
While we were working on her, lots of other boaties boated past, harassing us and telling us to stop working and just get out onto the water- it was such a gorgeous day. The above contraption was my favourite boat that passed. As Rebecca said "in America, a white couch on a barge just equals white trash, but in Amsterdam it's cool."

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