I spent 5 nights in Barcelona over Easter with Toby, Ignasi, Nacho, Barrie and Kako. Ignasi's friends Girard and Arnau are opening a record shop and invited him to come and paint a mural. The rest of us were there with our 16 cameras to document every moment of it. Expect to see a few more pics when I get the films developed!
Here's a quote from Kako which sums it all up:
Perfect weekend ey!
Made me feel like a teenager again.
Thanks for every day that we enjoyed together.
For every bread with tomato that we tasted.
For every laugh between beer and beer that we drunk.
For every extra mojito that we drunk.
And for every metre of Barcelona that we walked.
It was just... a pleasure.

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  1. hey!! thnks for your visit your work, and this great pictures!!
    keep in touch, this is your house in bcn!!
    best whishes!!