Oma's cake

I heard this caked referred to around the office as both "Oma's cake" and as "Funeral Cake". Apparently it's a very old fashioned butter cake that your Oma would make, especially for a funeral. Sanne told me that if it was not served at a funeral, most Dutchies would be disappointed.
Also outside the office were these chalk markings. My initial thought was that someone loves Vincent very much, but then I realized it was someone marking their spot for their Queen's Day stall. Super keen- it's not for nearly three weeks! Koninginnedag is the best public holiday I know of- everyone parties the night before (Queen's Eve) and then the next day the city turns into a giant flea market. It's typical dutch and super cool man!

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  1. As much as I like Holland... very much... this is why I live here... I still cannot get how dutch people born in this country (because I'm dutch but not born in The Netherlands) can be sooo boring about their desert. They manage to get excited about their 1000 versions of vanilla ice cream desert (with fruit, with advocaat, with chocolate sauce etc...) and now I've just discovered their Oma cake to which they seem to be attached to and which appear to me not to be anything else more than a yoghourt cake! People here can still get excited about their lekker broodje ham, broodje kaas, brrodje crokett (ate too many of those) etc... and hear them enjoying 'ach lekker broodje hoor!!"... how can they still remain so faithful to these foods while they actually love travelling to other countries where food is generally much more varied and exciting especially concerning the desert. This remains a mystery to me...! :-)