There's a long and frustrating story behind our trip to Woerden on Saturday, which involved a laptop, a train, a bus and an incompetent Apple employee...but when we got there we stumbled across a Rommelmarkt! (Which is Dutch for Fleamarket).  Daniel and I are half Dutch- our father was born here in the Netherlands and emigrated with his parents in 1952. Our Oma is a mad garage saler/fleamarketeer. So it's kinda in our blood. We go a little mad over weird second hand junk.
As we were in the middle of nowhere, everything was crazy cheap. My best score was definitely the set of egg warmers, little crocheted chicks to sit upon your boiled egg and keep it warm. 25 cents! Some poor Oma must've spent hours crocheting those.
I also picked up a sweet orange embroidered tablecloth which I cut up to make some baby shoes for my friend Jenni's beautiful new baby Ava. I'll post the finished results soon.


  1. Hey Sonya, Love the shot of Dan in the street!

    The blogs looking cool, everything feels really good

  2. The shoes are super super super cool. Ava loves them!!!!!!