On the first Sunday of each month is the Ij-Hallen fleamarket, across the Ij at NDSM. This is a part of Amsterdam that took me awhile to explore and it's become one of my favourite places. Toby found some glasses to buy- I have nothing to further to add!

NDSM used to be Amsterdam's dock and where ships were built untill 1978. The empty buildings in the southwestern part of the NDSM area were squatted and the squatters united to become the Stichting Kinetisch Noord in 2001. In June 2002, Kinetisch Noord approached various agencies to develop the area as an incubator space, with affordable housing, workspaces for artists and supporting businesses. Kinetisch Noord has built basic studio units that the tenants then complete themselves, giving everyone a say in the costs, quality and design of their own spaces. The top photo is a shot of the warehouse interior where they are constructing some studios, which is also where the market is held. The whole place has a rough and ready, DIY, punk appeal which isn't so easy to find in Amsterdam.

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