I had my second jewellery class last night with Susie. Last time we made a ring and my homework was to design something to add to it. I was inspired by Susie's jewellery, as she uses quite organic forms in her work. My idea was of a cluster of little barnacles attached to the ring. Susie translated my sketch technically- so I will add some more barnacles next week. It took a surprising amount of time just to make this little one.

Susie showed me a book by her favourite jeweller- Hermann Jünger, who as she puts it, "makes jewellery like he is drawing". His work is incredibly fluid and layered. It is so completely different to the modern standard that is so common today. Jünger's work with enamel is inspiring- enamel is something I am very keen to try. I feel like there is a whole world of artists and techniques and skills which I am just beginning to learn about.

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