Katie and Buckley

Katie & Buckley are majorly into re-purposing and recycling materials. As they rented an unfurnished apartment, and knew they would only be here for a year or so, they didn't want to just go and buy up IKEA. Amsterdam is a pretty rich city and a lot of what goes out of the curb is pretty high quality- so they scavenged up furniture and bits and pieces untill they had a quirkily styled but surprisingly beautiful apartment. Both are talented designers so they have a pretty good eye for what looks good. Also, Buckley is one handy man.

They are leaving Amsterdam on Sunday. This is super exciting for them as they are about to depart on an indefinite period of travel though South East Asia. It's kinda sad for me though as they have both been a big part of my Amsterdam life. Katie and Buckley arrived only a few months after Toby and I. They transferred from W+K Portland to W+K Amsterdam with their friends Kurt and Rebecca, and worked alongside Toby. All four of the Portlanders became our new best friends. We bought a boat with them, had numerous picnics in Vondelpark, BBQ'd, knitted, scavenged and got drunk together.

It's good to know that despite the fact we might not see these guys for awhile- we will definitely see them again in the future. I'm quite looking forward to seeing where they end up in 20 years. Still, I am going to miss these two.

I shot this photo of Katie and Buckley on my Pentacon TL 6- an old East German medium format camera. Such a super cool camera- I'm just in love with the viewfinder- it makes everything you look at look amazingly beautiful, even men with crazy, out-of-control beards.

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