Bold as brass

Last night I started jewellery classes with Susanne Boger. Because I've never done any silver smithing before- so a lot of what we did was just teaching me what the different tools were and how to use them. I cut, filed, shaped and soldered a piece of brass into a ring. Having a finished product to take home was intensely rewarding. Well- I still have to file and polish it and the next step is creating something to attach to it. But I got to wear it home, which felt pretty cool.

Susanne has been living in Amsterdam for nearly 20 years. Originally from the Black Forest in Germany, she studied in London and then moved to Amsterdam with her daughter. Susanne is direct, playful and energetic- a lot like her jewelry.  Her atelier is at OT301- an alternative cultural centre on the Overtoom. It used to be a film academy and then it became an artist's squat in the late 90's. OT301 houses various artists, a vegan restaurant and hosts lots of different events and parties. Toby and I have started going to Ping Pong night on a Tuesday- it’s pretty fun! 

Toby gave me a ring for my birthday last year made by this jeweler whose work I love. I want to be able to work with metal and textiles together. I have so many ideas already!

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