Belated wishes

I have been knitting a present for my friend Eleanor's birthday which was yesterday. Despite the fact that we haven't lived in the same country for six years- we still send each other gifts, but somewhat belatedly. Typically I receive my Christmas present around my birthday (end of April) and my birthday present around September. I'm not any better though!

Ellie is the creator and editor of Extra Curricular, a New Zealand based magazine about people doing exciting creative projects on the side. I was lucky enough to feature in the first issue, and am currently writing up an interview for issue two on Claire Terry, musician, jeweller and shop owner. Issue two of Extra Curricular is due out in March in Australia and New Zealand.

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  1. ha hA! You are awesome!!! I really love my present, and Toby's wrapping paper - I could see it poking out of the letterbox this morning, and I knew it must be from you! Digging the new blog title too. I want my pecan butter balls NOW! Too much to do on EC though so had better wait a few days...
    Thanks Nyon Nyons!!!!