Out of the dark he came...

Hoe gaat het?

On Wednesday nights, at 8.15 pm, Sarah, Lucy, Merrin and I meet with Helena, our Dutch teacher. We spend an hour or so practising what Nederlands we know and at the end of the lesson Helena plays us a song. So we can hear "the colour in the language", as she puts it.

Drawing on the couch

Drawing on the couch is how Toby spends his downtime. Daylight savings finished and we are losing the light in the evenings. Winter is coming.

Rose tint my world

The first LP I remember listening to when I was young was The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I knew every word to the whole musical and was completely fascinated by the album sleeeve art work.Dr Frank'n'Furter- Tim Curry in fishnets enthralled me! It was all so dark and sexy and illicit.

When I was twelve my father took me to see it for the first time at Founders Theatre. We got all dressed up - me in a bowler hat and Dad in a tuxedo- we brought along props and danced the Time Warp.
But it was completely different to what I imagined. I had written my own story out of those songs. The movie was weird and a bit silly.

Rocky Horror is still one of my favourite albums. I love how cheesey and mad it is. And now I do like the movie... but I wish I could remember the version I wrote in my own head.